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"Southeastern Camera - The best camera store in Raleigh"

Where you can find all of your photography needs.

Chef's Recommendations


We have several NEW as well  as USED telescopes!  Come in and let us show them to you. This is a recently acquired Used Celestron Edge HD 9.25 Starbright XLT with a CGem Mount.  As you can see it includes cases and all of the accessories. We put this telescope...

5 tips on making your fireworks picture, pop!

1. Have a camera 2. Have a lens 3. Set your camera to bulb mode 4. Hold your shutter release down for the time that the firework leaves the ground, until it is done bursting in the air (or as long as you’d like). 5. Bask in your photography...

Look alike day!

Coincidentally, our printing guru and one of our roaming sales employees wore the same color. So November 7th will be remembered as look alike day. Ok, maybe not, but maybe we call call it look alike discount...

Location and hours of operation

Mon-Fri 9am-6pm Sat-Sun Sat: 10am-4pm Sun: CLOSED

Customer Testimonials

“They were delightful and extremely knowledgeable”

I can not say enough positive things about my experience with Southeastern Camera and their staff. I was trying out a new technique and was having trouble getting all the pieces to work. As I was returning the equipment, I mentioned my experiment and issue. Warren in rentals then proceeded to ask me some questions about what I was trying to do and attempted to trouble shoot the issue with me! While Warren was researching possible work arounds to the problem, Thomas and Patrick were giving me diagrammed suggestions in lighting and sound. They were delightful and extremely knowledgeable. What I really liked about the staff, was that they treated everyone that walked in the door as kindly as myself. Tony (the owner) was a gracious host. When I say host, I mean it. I was there for a long time! If you are looking for a well educated and experienced staff, great prices and a friendly environment, Southeastern Camera is the place for you. Their service doesn’t stop with just handing you the equipment.

– Nikol Murphy

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